Welcome to our new Blog.
24 Feb 16

Welcome to our new Blog.

Welcome to our new blog, Recipes, fun ideas, chocolate gifts to make all coming your way by this weekend, chocolate cake, chocolate brownies and much more to try.

I am not a trained chef or an amazing wizz in the kitchen, but I'm looking forward to creating divine chocolate creations, or trying to, and having fun with it.  The idea is to give you recipes that if I can make you can too.  Sache Torte is my husbands favourite so that will feature soon, and the boys aren't too fussy as long as it has chocolate as the main ingredient.

If you have some family favourite recipes drop them in an email to me at info@gourmetchocolatepizza.co.uk and we'll try them out.  Some of our ideas may even be suitable for the younger ones in our midst to make as chocolate gifts for Grandparents, or Mums' and Dads'.  Who wouldn't be happy with a handmade chocolate box surprise!

I've loved developing our chocolate pizzas over the past few years, and now we have some new chocolate gifts in our Gourmet Chocolate Cafe range.  It's a lot of fun when the ideas flow, the name for our Topitoffs came from my eldest saying..'oh so you just top it off with the chocolate..' and the name was born.  It's as simple as that.

The chocolate tasting team is ready and biting at the bit to test out my next chocolate recipe..

Keep watching and enjoy trying them out!  

 Have fun !  Helen

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