Nutty Chocolates - for those who love chocolate with a bit of crunch!

Nuts and Chocolate are a match made in Heaven! So take a look at our selection of Nut-based Chocolate Gifts...

Why Hazelnuts?

With a sweet and mellow flavour, we've found that the creaminess of Hazelnuts perfectly compliments our milk, white and dark chocolates, which is why you'll find them at the heart of all nut-based gifts.

But despite, it being a flavour we all know and love - did you know that Hazelnuts also bring a wealth of health benefits?

Whilst they may be high in calories, they are packed with antioxidants and nutrients such as fibre and healthy fats, which in turn can help to reduce inflammation, lower cholesterol and protect the body from oxidative stress.

They're also super flexible in how they can be prepared, with roasted hazelnuts adding a smoky dimension to the taste; blanched, which helps remove the bitter skin; chopped which allows the hazelnuts to be used more evenly across the chocolate, and caramelised - which is the ultimate sweet nutty treat.

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