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Milk Chocolate Gifts

A lovely selection of milk chocolate gifts including our specialty, milk chocolate pizzas. Our range is all handmade in Great Britain, by our experienced team of chocolatiers and we use only the finest Belgian milk chocolate.  We like to be original and as you will see from our range, we have created a unique selection of flavours and toppings to create a series of scrumptious gift options.


Our chocolate pizzas have a solid smooth Belgian milk chocolate base, they are rich and gourmet, a sure treat for any chocolate lover. To make them extravagant and even more yummy however we have covered our delectable bases in chocolate curls and a series of your favourite sweets, nuts, fruit, caramels and chocolates. You will also find a selection of other unique milk chocolate treats. Cupcakes with a solid chocolate base as opposed to cake, drops of pure indulgent chocolate heaven, chocolate discs to sit on top of your favourite coffees and gourmet popcorn drizzled in the finest milk chocolate.

Our milk chocolate range features a wide range of gift options, including our popular chocolate pizzas. Our chocolate pizzas are a unique design that we created for the most hardcore chocolate lovers. Milk chocolate as you once knew it has been transformed into these heavenly designs whose aroma alone is enough to make your mouth water. Chocolate orange, honeycomb, caramel, and fruit and nut are just a few of the options that could tingle your taste buds.

We also have boxes of cupcakes, chocolate drizzled popcorn and boxes of bespoke chocolate discs. Our range is full of different treats you haven’t seen elsewhere. Of course, they don’t have to be sent as gift to anyone. You could always have them delivered to your own address, as an indulgent treat for yourself. We often find when someone sends one of our milk chocolate options to someone as a gift, after hearing their raving reviews they end up ordering a little something for themselves too. We understand the temptation and it’s ok to treat yourself.

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