Unusual Gifts For Special Occasions: Gourmet Chocolate Pizzas

Our Special Occasion Pizzas and Gifts are perfect for those looking to go the extra mile for a special event.

Our Belgian chocolate pizzas are made from the finest gourmet chocolate and topped with a unique selection of complementary toppings. You can choose the flavours based on the recipient’s personal tastes and add a custom message with a gift card or by adding a personalised chocolate plaque based on the occasion.

For example, our congratulations and happy birthday pizzas have a chocolate plaque in the middle of the pizza with a custom message printed on top. Our ‘well done’ hampers include a trophy saying ‘you are a star’ as well as various chocolate treats. We also have various other ways of customising our gifts to suit your loved ones, including custom packaging and flavours.

Unique and personal gifts

If you’re looking for a unique and personal gift, then our gourmet chocolate pizzas are ones to watch. Everyone loves chocolates and the unique designs and tastes will be warmly welcomed by the recipient. They’ll love opening the luxury packaging, seeing the personalised message and tasting the melt in the mouth chocolate.

We also have a selection of other chocolate gifts to choose from, including our Personalised Chocolate Pizza Slices. These make popular wedding favours as well as corporate gifts.

Our gifts are suitable for all occasions, and chocolate is a timeless present that will always be appreciated. However, for those of you looking for something more specific, please visit the individual pages of our seasonal items.

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