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Chocolate gifts and their desirability:

Everyone enjoys a chocolate gift, it should be beautifully presented, fun and taste amazing, for us here these are all important aspects.  From the moment of opening the box the experience begins.  For children and adults alike, chocolate can be moulded to create the perfect gift for him or for her, a birthday gift, a wedding gift, the list is endless.  We have created a range of milk, white and dark chocolate gifts, from chocolate pizzas through to little complementary gifts, all that can be versatile for the family next door, with Mum, Dad and children, or friends, or as a great gift for the corporate environment.  This versatility has really added to the fun of developing our flavours and ranges here in our production room.

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Know more about our chocolate:

Milk chocolate - often the most popular, we use Belgian chocolate, produced in Belgium and shipped to us here in the UK.  The cocoa content is 33.6%, a premium quality smooth creamy chocolate suitable for delicious chocolate gifts that everyone enjoys.

Dark chocolate -  We use a velvety 70% dark chocolate, no bitter qualitites, perfect for a dark chocolate gift, for the connoisseur that prefers something less sweet and a little more refined.

White chocolate - white chocolate is for those with more of a sweet tooth, we use a premium white chocolate again produced in Belgium.  White chocolate doesn't actually contain any cocoa solids, but contains a minimum of 20 % cocoa butter allowing it to be called chocolate.  White chocolate gifts are often enjoyed by children, but our Raspberrymac pizza is designed with adults in mind with freeze dried raspberries and crushed amaretti biscuits...completely delicious!


ripe cocoa pods   single cocoa pod on tree   open cocoa pod and beans

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