Should I buy a thank you teacher gift?
27 Jun 19

Should I buy a thank you teacher gift?

Thank You Teacher gifts are increasing in popularity all over the UK.

In 2017, The Telegraph reported that more and more parents are now feeling the pressure of contributing to playground collections, with the average suggested donation for one playground being £10.

Meanwhile, other parents discussing the subject on a Mumsnet forum admitted spending £20 or more on their teacher gifts.

Of course, no-one expects you to spend this much and whether you choose to send a Thank You Teacher gift into your child's school is still very much down to personal preference.

However, in a recent poll conducted by The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company, we found that over 88% of respondents had either given or received a teacher gift at some point in their lifetime, and that chocolate was the preferred choice over novelty mugs, keyrings, candles and bathing products.

Alcohol was also on the list of preferred teacher gifts, but this is likely to vary depending on the age of your children and therefore suitability of the gift and of course will be influenced by whether or not your child's teacher likes to drink alcohol.

Another interesting insight was the giving of gift vouchers.

Far from being an impersonal gift, today's gift vouchers enable the recipient to make their own gift selections to ensure they receive a present that they will truly enjoy.

One of the key takeaways from our research into end of year gifts though, is that teachers love originality.

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