This Sunday is National Pizza Day!
07 Feb 20

This Sunday is National Pizza Day!

Celebrated annually on 9th February, National Pizza Day is an opportunity to sit back and relax with friends and family and enjoy sharing this popular meal.

Whether you prefer to order a takeaway or love experimenting in the kitchen with your very own pizza creations, pizzas of all shapes and sizes have become a staple purchase for many households throughout the year, so much so that pizza is now the 2nd most popular food purchased in restaurants and the 4th most popular item purchased in fast food outlets, according to

The popularity of chocolate pizzas has also grown in the UK over the last couple of decades, with a number of companies now offering their own versions of dessert pizzas.

Who invented chocolate pizza?

Now this is a tricky question, and I think the honest truth is that nobody really knows.  It is believed that the idea of combining chocolate with pizza began emerging in Western countries such as the UK and America along the same timeline, but many of these concepts involved using a sweet dough base usually topped with chocolate and fruit.

Our chocolate pizzas were first introduced to the UK in 2007, by owner Helen Ellis who wanted to create the perfect sharing gift for friends and family.

As chocolates are usually the go to gift for situations like this, Helen knew that chocolate needed to be at the core of her product, but wanted to deviate away from the usual box of chocolates that you can find on the High Street.

With that in mind she thought about which products were great for sharing at social occasions such as BBQs and parties and was drawn to the nature and shareability of pizzas, and so The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Company was born!

So what is a chocolate pizza?

Chocolate pizzas can come in many different varieties, from those described above with a sweet dough base topped with chocolate sauce and fruit, through to confectionery-based pizzas, like ours, which see the introduction of a solid chocolate base topped with various sweets in the style of a pizza.

Recently, we've also seen a rise in the number of cookie pizzas which sees a giant cookie form the base of the 'pizza' and then also loaded with sweet treats on top.

What makes our pizzas so unique?Gourmet Chocolate Pizzas ready for dispatch

Made by hand in our Nottinghamshire factory, our chocolate pizzas all offer a signature base of solid Belgian chocolate in either milk, dark or white varieties, topped with a selection of delicious ingredients from brownie biscuits to jelly beans, and then finished with either a chocolate drizzle or covered with chocolate curls to recreate the look of ‘cheese’ and turn up the chocolatey-ness!

Each and every flavour combination and design we offer has been carefully thought out to take into consideration the latest seasonal influences and reflect ongoing trends in the food and drink industry.

Our gourmet chocolate pizzas are available in 4 different sizes starting from a 4" mini, followed by our standard 7" pizza, then to our larger sharing pizzas in a 10" and a 12" diameter. We also make sure that all our pizzas are pre-cut into slices making it even easier to share our yummy creations!

Once your pizza has been made and sealed, it leaves the kitchen to enter our packaging and dispatch area where it is then placed into an authentic black cardboard pizza box with peekaboo windows so that the recipient can see the yummy chocolate gift inside before being finished with a colour coded strap which carries all the necessary ingredient information etc. 

Click here to see all of our delicious chocolate pizza flavours for you to enjoy!



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