Halloween at The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co
22 Oct 19

Halloween at The Gourmet Chocolate Pizza Co

It's time to fire up the cauldron and let our resident chocolate wizards cast a spell over our delicious chocolate treats ready for Halloween.

Taking place on Thursday 31st October 2019, this year's Trick or Treat festivities fall during the half-term break for many school children in the UK, meaning it's the ideal time to throw a Halloween party for your friends and family.

And things have taken a spooky turn over at Choc Pizza HQ, as we introduce our latest range of devilishly delicious treats for both adults and children alike.

💀 'Dem Bones 💀

Halloween Chocolate Squares

Halloween just wouldn't be the same without a spooky skeleton or three, so we've added a scary twist to our mini chocolate pizzas by adding a white chocolate skull as the central plaque.

Set on our signature Belgian milk chocolate base, and splashed with red cocoa butter to give the impression of blood, our mini chocolate pizzas measure approximately 4" in diameter and are presented in their own miniature pizza box.

These make the ideal halloween party favours for kids, with just enough gory details to send shivers down their spine whilst satisfying their need for chocolatey treats!

Also new to the range this year is our selection of Halloween Chocolate Bars.

Weighing in at approximately 80g, our chocolatiers have continued the skeleton theme with the addition of a white chocolate skeleton scattered over a milk chocolate base.  

From tempering the chocolate in our kitchen, to pouring each and every piece of chocolate into the relevant moulds, every step of our production process is lovingly made by hand by our team of chocolatiers based in our Nottinghamshire factory.

🕷 Webbed Wonders 🕷

Halloween Spider Mini Chocolate PizzaSpiders and cobwebs are a must at every Halloween party, and whilst not everyone is a fan of the UK's little eight-legged friends (me included!), there's simply no resisting our new Spider-themed mini pizza.

With a large milk chocolate spider sitting in the middle of our mini chocolate pizza web, our Halloween Mini Chocolate Pizzas truly are a terrifying treat that you just can't wait to take a bite out of! 

If you're looking to buy a chocolate treat to share, then our larger Halloween Chocolate Pizzas offer the perfect solution.

Made with a solid Belgian milk chocolate base, with hand-piped cobweb design, each pizza is topped with a selection of solid chocolate Halloween-themed shapes.

Available in three different sizes including a 7", 10" and 12" diameter pizza, each one is pre-cut into individual slices to ensure there's no squabbling over who gets the biggest bit! 😉

Click here to see our full line up of Halloween treats.


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