Festive Gift Ideas for Kids
16 Nov 21

Festive Gift Ideas for Kids

written by Claire James

If your children are anything like mine, they will have been counting down to Christmas since the beginning of September.

And, whilst the latest toys and board games are always top of their lists, finding the perfect affordable gift for the mini me's in your household can certainly be a mammoth task.

As a parent, there's nothing more frustrating than finding that your child's must-have item has sold-out everywhere, and with the very real potential for stock shortages and delivery delays, it really is better to get your orders placed sooner rather than later to ensure no-one misses out.

Although we know that chocolate can't replace the most coveted gifts on their lists, the joy it brings to both kids and grown-ups alike can help to create those must-have magical moments we all strive for as a family.

With this in mind, we've pulled together a selection of our favourite memory-making chocolate gift ideas for kids to send this Christmas.

Mini Makers...

Like many kids up and down the country, my 10 year old is obsessed with all things baking, whether it's The Great British Bake Off, or Baking Impossible, she just can't get enough of seeing these sweet creations coming to life.

With this in mind, our Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza Kit has become a favourite activity for all the family.

Make Your Own Chocolate Pizza Kit

Presented in one of our fun and quirky pizza boxes, each kit contains everything the kids need to create their very own chocolate pizza at home - it even includes a reusable pizza tin so they can revisit this activity time and again!

Kit contents include:

Milk Chocolate Drops

1 x bag of White Chocolate Curls

1 x bag of mixed Jelly Beans and Rainbow Chocolate Drops

1 x 7" Chocolate Pizza Tin

1 x Recipe Card

These kits make a great activity to keep the kids occupied during the school holiudays and really allow them to express their creativity.

Whether they want to create a standard chocolate pizza using the toppings provided, or ad lib with some of their own ingredients, these fun and exciting kits will help kids to gain confidence in the kitchen and ignite their passion for baking.

Lovely Lollies...

Milk Chocolate Star Lollies

Our chunky Chocolate Lollipops are another great idea for the kids.

Whether you're looking for a stocking filler gift, or a treat for their Christmas Eve boxes, our milk and white chocolate Star Lollies are simply out of this world.

Our most popular flavour is the Milk Chocolate Star Lolly, which is made using thick Belgian milk chocolate, with a 33,6% cocoa content.

Each star has been lovingly decorated individually by hand and includes an array of brightly coloured chocolate drops and rainbow sugar sprinkles to make an attractive looking gift that doesn't sacrifice on taste.

Measuring approx 10cm across from each point of the Star, these extra large lollies make a generous stocking filler gift that will surprise and delight the recipient.

Tasty Trees...

Solid Chocolate Christmas Tree

If you're looking for a magical chocolate gift, then our Solid Chocolate Christmas Trees should be top of the Christmas list.

Featuring five layers of solid milk chocolate, decorated with splashes of cocoa butter in festive red and green colours with a touch of snowy white, this beautiful tree is finished with a light dusting of edible glitter, for the ultimate festive sparkle.

Ideal for prenagers (usually aged 9+), who may have outgrown the usual novelty chocolate gifts for kids, our solid Chocolate Trees have been the go-to present for grandparents, aunts and uncles for several years.

Each tree is presented in a decorative snow covered box, which measures approx 12.5cm (h) x 11.5cm (w) x 11.5cm (l), and they make a stunning gift for Christmas Day.

Star Quality...

What better way to enjoy the festive season, than with a Belgian Chocolate Star?

Belgian Chocolate Star

This awe-inspiring gift just oozes the essence of Christmas, and doesn't even need to be gift-wrapped to make a lasting impression.

Presented in one of our stylish black 7" chocolate pizza boxes, with full frontal cut-out, each star is presented on a red cushioned background to create a stunning visual effect.

Handmade using our signature Belgian milk chocolate, each star is decorated with mini dark and white chocolate stars along with a milk, white and dark chocolate drizzle, and a touch of festive shimmer.

Perfect for your little stars this Christmas, and a wonderful gift to help create magincal memories for years to come. 


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