Our Chocolate and Sustainability
25 Sep 18

Our Chocolate and Sustainability

We pride ourselves on providing a great chocolate experience.

That’s why we work with sustainable chocolate, sourced from expert chocolate producers Callebaut, crafted in Belgium.

Great taste means the world to us – and probably to you too. That’s why we choose our chocolate wisely – simply because it’s the key ingredient in all of our products. And, whilst we'd like to accept all the credit for producing great tasting chocolate gifts, in truth it goes far beyond our skills as chocolatiers.

It starts at the source, with the love and passion of the cocoa farmers. Their care for the soil, the forests and the earth make the cocoa trees thrive. Their craftsmanship yields better cocoa beans, full of taste.

Callebaut builds partnerships with local farmer cooperatives. By siding with the farmers and passing on know-how about modern farming techniques, they grow better beans. By buying the beans directly from the cooperatives, the farmers earn a better income. And by raising awareness around child labour and empowering them to send their kids to school, you can fully trust this chocolate and enjoy its great taste without any bitterness.

We hope that you enjoy our chocolate to the fullest. In every bite of our Chocolate Pizzas and gifts and every sip of our belgian Hot Chocolate drinks you’ll taste the unique taste of craftsmanship.

(image courtesy of Callebaut)

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