Have You Tried a Virtual Quiz Yet?
12 Apr 20

Have You Tried a Virtual Quiz Yet?

by Claire James

If you’re a fan of pub quizzes, or usually have games nights with friends, then why not consider hosting a virtual quiz over your favourite social app?

We did this with some friends last week and it really helped us feel connected, and we had some great laughs too!

How to set it up

We decided to play the ‘Who Dares Wins’ game, so we set up the ipad, dialled up our friends via Facebook Messenger and switched the video camera on for some live interactivity.

Of course, you could do this with any board game, or do a search online for virtual pub quizzes.

Chocolate Pizza

If there’s lots of you taking part, then you could also nominate a quiz master earlier in the week, so they have plenty of time to find the questions.

Once the quiz has started, each participant needs to either write down their answers and then send a screenshot via email to the quiz master to ensure no cheating takes place!

As there were only two couples taking part in our quiz, we trusted the other team not to look at the cards, but they held them up to the camera for us first so we could screenshot the answers for the questions they were allocated.

Don’t forget your snacks!

No quiz night would be complete without essential snacks. In our house this usually consists of nachos, dips, drinks and of course a Chocolate Pizza!

If you’re feeling really organised, then you could order yourself and your friends a chocolate pizza ahead of the quiz night to share online during the quiz!

Have fun and keep safe x

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