The story of Valentine's Day
14 Jan 22

The story of Valentine's Day

written by Claire James

We may celebrate it every year on 14th February, with an array of chocolate gifts and celebratory cards, but how many of you know the true history of Valentine's Day?

For example, did you know that Valentine's Day, or St Valentine's Day as it is sometimes referred to, is thought to have Roman origins?


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When did Valentine's Day begin?

It has been linked to the ancient festival of Lupercalia, which was observed in Early Rome between 13th-15th February, and involved acts of scarifice to ward off evil spirits and celebrate the coming of spring.

As this celebration was also tied to certain fertility rites, history also recalls a sort of lottery with women being paired off with men. According to the Encyclopaedia Britannica website: "It became celebrated as a day of romance from about the 14th century."

Whilst the festival of Valentine's Day has evolved over the centuries, it's easy to see how this celebration has become part and parcel of our annual calendar of events.


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Who was St Valentine?

There have been many Christan martyrs named Valentine throughout history, but it is thought that St Valentine's Day may have got its name from a Roman priest in the third century AD, who went against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II.

Whilst imprisoned for his 'crimes',  St. Valentine is said to have fallen in love with the jailer's daughter and before his execution on 14th February he sent his true love a note signed "from your Valentine."



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Traditional vs. Alternative Valentine's Day Gifts 

With so many gifting occasions in our calendars, finding a unique gift for Valentine's Day is getting even harder and it's easy to fall into the trap of picking up mass produced chocolate gifts on the High Street to give to your loved ones. 

But, whilst this is a great option for those short on time, there is something extra special about giving a handmade chocolate gift for Valentine's Day. 

Whether it's a Valentine's Day Gift for Him, or for Her, we have a sweet selection of handmade chocolate treats that offer something a little bit different to your everyday box of chocolates.

Carefully crafted by our small team of chocolatiers in a our Nottinghamshire factory, our Chocolate Valentine's Gifts for 2022 are every bit as beautiful as you would expect handmade chocolates to be.

If you're looking for something fun and unique, our Valentine's Chocolate Pizzas are the perfect gift for sharing.

Those of you looking for a smaller gift for your sweetheart, should take a look at our Milk & White Chocolate Hearts or our Fruit & Nut Hearts.

And if you're looking for a flower and chocolate combination, then our Flower Chocolate Pizza could be just the thing.

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