Best Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe
08 Jul 20

Best Chocolate Mug Cake Recipe

written by Claire James

This oozy, fudgy chocolate mug cake recipe is made in just a matter of minutes in the microwave, and is really simple to make.

Perfect for a rainy night in front of the telly, or as a quick after tea treat, just grab your favourite (large) mug and add the following ingredients for a delicious chocolatey fix.


4 tbsp Self-Raising Flour

2 tbsp Cocoa Powder

4 tbsp Caster Sugar

1 Medium Egg

3 tbsp Milk

3 tbsp Vegetable Oil (or Sunflower Oil)

A few drops of Vanilla Essence (or other flavouring such as mint, or orange oil according to preference)

2 tbsp Chocolate Buttons


1. Add the self-raising flour and cocoa powder into your favourite mug, along with the caster sugar, and mix the dry ingredients together with a fork.

2. Crack an egg into the mug, and add in the milk and the oil and stir to mix - try to combine everything as much as possible, until the mixture is smooth .

3. Then, add in your flavouring of choice, and finish with the chocolate buttons, giving the mixture a final stir before popping it into the microwave.for 1-2 mins.

4. Keep an eye on the mixture as it can overflow depending on the size of your mug.

5. Your mug cake is ready once the top is firm and/or the cake has stopped rising,

6. Leave to cool for a few minutes before diving in as the cake retains a lot of the heat, or why not top it with a scoop of your favourite ice cream to help it cool down even quicker (if there's still room at the top of your mug!) 

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