Mini Eggs Chocolate Martini
29 Mar 22

Mini Eggs Chocolate Martini

Who says Easter is just for kids? After all the running about the Easter Bunny does, I think they deserve a grown up Easter-themed drink like one of these delicious Mini Eggs Chocolate Martini.

Super simple to make and even better to drink, this is one cocktail that's firmly on my radar for Easter celebrations to come.


100g Milk Chocolate Buttons - melted

Candy Coated Mini Eggs - crushed

50ml Vodka

25ml Irish Cream

25ml Crème de Cacao



  1. Using a rolling pin, crush the mini eggs and place in a bowl or on a plate, ready for step 2.

  2. Using either a bain marie or the microwave, gently melt the milk chocolate buttons, then dip a Martini glass upside down to coat the rim in the melted chocolate before dipping it again in the crushed mini eggs. Pop the martini glass in the fridge until you're ready to use.

  3. In a blender or a cocktail shaker, tip the Vodka, Irish Cream and Crème de Cacao along with the ice and mix vigorously. 

  4. Pour the cocktail into a glass through a strainer to remove any remaining ice chips and enjoy! 

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