Iced Chocolate Mocha
25 Aug 21

Iced Chocolate Mocha

written by Claire James

Iced versions of Hot Chocolate have been taking social media by storm recently, and while the UK was basking in the heat of an Indian Summer, this Iced Chocolate Mocha recipe became one of my go-to drinks.

So what is Iced Hot Chocolate?

It may sound like an odd combination but, simply put, iced hot chocolate is literally hot chocolate served over ice. Now it's important here to differentiate between Hot Cocoa - made using cocoa powder and hot water and Hot Chocolate, which is made using real chocolate melted into hot milk.

How does this differ to chocolate milkshake?

Well, traditional milkshakes are made using a blended mixture of milk, ice-cream and flavourings such as chocolate syrup, iced hot chocolates on the other hand are created using high quality chocolate melted into hot milk and left to cool slightly before pouring ice cubes.

As with any new trends, there are a number of ways people prefer to serve their iced hot chocolates, for our Iced Mocha creation shown above, we added chocolate fudge brownie pieces and sprinkled the top with white chocolate curls. 

You could also opt for the traditional whipped cream and marshmallows combination, although as the hot chocolate in this version is served cool - it's unlikely the marshmallows will melt.

Does it only work for coffee-based hot chocolates?

Absolutely not! Although we've opted here to use our Mocha Hot Chocolate Stick, and of our delicious Hot Chocolate Stirrers could be used to create this delicious iced drink.


1 x Mocha Hot Chocolate Stick
200ml Fresh Milk
Ice Cubes
Fudge Brownie Pieces (optional topping)
White Chocolate Curls (optional)


1. Gently warm the milk in a saucepan* over a medium heat until it is piping hot - it needs to be hot enough to melt the hot chocolate stick but be careful not to scald the milk as this will alter the overall taste.

2. Stir the hot chocolate stick into the milk whilst still in the saucepan - this will allow you to control the heat better to ensure the hot chocolate stick has disssolved fully into the milk.

3. Turn off the heat, but continue to stir the hot chocolate mixture and leave to cool slightly.

4. In the meantime, prepare your favourite cup or glass - we used clear latter glasses for ours - by adding in the ice cubes and/or drizzling the sides with an additional helping of chocolate syrup.

5. Stir the hot chocolate mixture again to ensure it's fully mixed and pour over the ice.

6. Top with your favourite choice of toppings and enjoy.

 *For a quicker version you can always warm your milk in the microwave but we'd still advise creating the hot chocolate in the milk jug first then pouring over the ice to prevent any splashbacks.

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