Chocolate Bonfire Apples
30 Oct 20

Chocolate Bonfire Apples

by Claire James

Chocolate-Covered Bonfire Apples with galaxy sprinkles and popping candy.

With Bonfire Night fast-approaching, I thought I'd share a modern recipe update to a childhood favourite - the humble Bonfire Apple.

Traditionally taking the form of a glossy-looking toffee apple, our version of this seasonal treat, of course adds a chocolatey twist.

Featuring sweet apples, dipped in our Belgian milk chocolate, each apple is topped with Galaxy-themed sprinkles and popping candy to add a little extra pop and crackle just in time for the real fireworks to begin.


300g Milk Chocolate Buttons

3-5 Sweet Apples (not waxy ones)

30g Galaxy Sprinkles (any sprinkles could be used here to change the theme)

15g Popping Candy

Cake Pop Sticks (quantity depends on the number of apples being used)


1. Remove the stalks from the apples and insert the cake pop sticks into the bottom of each apple.

2. Using a microwave, melt the chocolate buttons for 30 seconds followed by 10 second bursts until all the buttons have completely melted. If possible try to use a fairly deep bowl as we will use this to dip the apples into.

3. Carefully lift the apples on the sticks and place them into the melted chocolate - slowly rotating them whilst tipping the bowl at an angle to ensure they are completely covered.

4. Put the chocolate-covered apples onto a pre-lined baking tray and cover them with the Galaxy Sprinkles and a some of the popping candy.

5. If possible, pop the apples into the fridge for about 20-30 mins to help the chocolate to set and serve.

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