Berry Nice Chocolate Gifts
07 Oct 21

Berry Nice Chocolate Gifts

written by Claire James

Chocolate and dried berries are a match made in heaven, whether it's white chocolate and raspberries, or a sultry 70% dark chocolate combined with sweet cranberries that you crave, we have a gourmet chocolate gift ideas to delight your friends and family.

Raspberrymac Chocolate Pizza


Those of you who just can't resist the sweet taste of raspberries should look no further than our Raspberrymac Chocolate Pizza. 

Made with our signature solid chocolate bases, this white chocolate extravaganza is studded with freeze-dried raspberries and crunchy amaretti biscuits, and generously coated in white chocolate curls. 

The Raspberrymac Chocolate Pizza is available in three different sizes including our 4" Mini, our standard 7" and larger 10".


Click here to shop our Raspberrymac Chocolate Pizza.


If strawberries are more your thing, then our Strawberry Sensation Chocolate Pizza could be the one for you.

4" Mini Strawberry Sensation

Inspired by strawberries and Champagne, our Strawberry Sensation Chocolate Pizza sees a solid milk chocolate base dotted with sweet strawberries and popping candy and topped with a coating of milk chocolate curls, white chocolate honeycombed rice balls and red rainbow drops. 

Each Strawberry Sensation Chocolate Pizza also carries a white chocolate plaque with strawberry-themed design printed in edible ink for that finishing touch.

Available in a 4" Mini, standard 7" and larger 10" diameter pizza.

Click here to shop our Strawberry Sensation Chocolate Pizzas.


Double Dark & DeliciousCranberry

As we head into the Autumn/Winter season, cranberries become one of the main players in chocolate flavour profiles.

Our Double Dark & Delicious Chocolate Pizza sees our 70% dark Belgian chocolate bejwelled with sweet cranberries and raisins and coated in dark chocolate curls for a deliciously decadent treat.

Precut into 8 slices, our 7" and 10" pizzas make the perfect sharing gift, meanwhile our 4" Minis have been moulded into six mini slices - which makes them ideal for individual servings. 

Click for more information on our Double Dark & Delicious Chocolate Pizzas.



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