A pizza of the Easter action: Easter chocolate that's designed to stand out!
16 Mar 21

A pizza of the Easter action: Easter chocolate that's designed to stand out!

written by Claire James

With Easter just round the corner, now's the time to start thinking about how you can change up your gift offerings for Easter 2021.

Traditional Easter eggs are bound to be the go to gift at this time of year. You know the ones that are often piled high at the supermarkets and have been creeping onto the shelves even before Christmas was finished.

Whilst these eggs undoubtedly have their charms, once the wrappers are off there's very little to distinguish between them.

So what else is there for those of you who are looking for something a little bit different?

Well... how about an Easter Chocolate Pizza?

Breaking the chocolate mould...

Okay, I know what you're thinking - in fact I've already had this discussion with a potential customer on our social channels today, so why on earth would anyone want to combine chocolate and pizza? 

So let me explain, our Easter Chocolate Pizzas are not really pizzas at all, but they offer all the fun of sharing that is often associated with pizzas, and are guaranteed to stand out from the crowd.

This year's design, for Easter 2021, offers a solid Belgian milk chocolate base, generously coated in milk chocolate and topped with a white chocolate bunny, chocolate mini eggs, bright coloured chocolate drops and a Happy Easter plaque (pizza design varies according to size).

Each chocolate pizza is carefully handmade by one of our chocolatiers, and is then pre-cut into slices whilst the chocolate is still soft to ensure the finished product makes the ideal gift for families to share. 

Of course no pizza would be complete, without its very own pizza box, so we present all our chocolate pizzas in  our sleek and stylish black pizza boxes with colourful straps to help identify the flavour within.

So whether you're looking for that special chocolate gift for a pizza addict or you just want to send something that is a little bit different this year, hop on over to our Easter page to see what delights we have available.

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