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Beautifully handcrafted solid chocolate Mini-Macarons.  They look perfect individually packaged as little wedding favours for your guests.  Our Mini-Macarons are available in 5 flavours –  strawberry, lemon and orange - all filled with a light vanilla cream, dark chocolate filled with a creamy caramel filling and white chocolate filled with a dark chocolate creamy filling.

We package our Mini-Macarons in clear bags and tie each one by hand with an elegant white ribbon.  Your guests are sure to love them!



Filling white (EU): vegetable fat (palm, sunflower, rapeseed) in varying proportions 40.0%; sugar 35.5%; skimmed milk powder 13%; milk sugar 10.5%; emulsifier; soya lecithin <1%;

Dark couverture chocolate (EU): cocoa mass 71%; sugar 26%; fat reduced cocoa powder 2%; emulsifier: soya lecithin<1%; natural vanilla flavouring <1%;

Coloured cocoa butter based confectionery Lime: Sugar 51%; cocoa butter 27.5%; whole milk powder 20%; emulsifier: soya lecithin <1%; natural lemon falvouring <1%; colcours E132, E100 <1%; natural  vanilla flavouring <1%;

Orange coloured cocoa butter based confectionery (EU): Sugar 47%; cocoa butter 29%;whole milk powder 23.5%; emulsifier: soya lecithin <1%; natural orange flavouring <1%; color E160e<1%; natural vanilla flavouring <1%;

Pink coloured cocoa butter based confectionery: Sugar 45.5%; cocoa butter 30%; whole milk powder 23.5%; emulsifier: soya lecithin <1%; flavouring <1%; colour E120 <1%; natural vanilla flavouring <1%;

White chocolate (EU): sugar 46.5%; cocoa butter 29.5%; whole milk powder 23.5%; emulsifier: soya lecithin <1%; natural vanilla flavouring <1%;

Couverture milk chocolate with caramel: sugar 37%; cocoa butter 26.5%; whole milk powder 25.5%; cocoa mass 6.5%; skimmed milk powder 2%; caramelised sugar 1.5%; emulsifier: soya lecithin <1%; flavouring <1%; spices <1%; natural vanilla flavouring <1%

Made in an environment that uses nuts. 

suitable for a vegetarian diet. suitable for a gluten free diet.

Store in a cool dry place.


When placing your order please allow 10 working days for us to prepare your it and deliver it to you.

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